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Boys' JV/Varsity Summer Training M/W 7-9 pm

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Check the calendar for our fall preliminary schedule.
Email for more information.

East Michigan Panthers
provides competitive team soccer opportunities
for home-educated athletes in Grades K-12. 

  K-4th Co-ed Panther Cubs Fun instruction for beginners! 
5th-8th Junior High Boys
8th-12th JV and Varsity Men

5th-8th Junior High Girls
8th-12th JV and Varsity Women

We also offer:
Summer workout opportunities 

For more information contact: OR 586-224-0114

Men's Varsity Team

team celebrating.JPG
East Michigan Panthers Team Pic .jpg

2022 Men's 
Junior Varsity Team

IMG_1752 (1).jpg
IMG_1878 (1) (1).jpg

Missing:  Rafi Peoples and Micah Adcock

IMG_3213 Copy.JPG

2022 Boys' 
Junior High Team


Panther Cubs

EMP Women 2022 Team.jpg

2022 Varsity Women

EMP Middle School girls 2022 Team.jpg

2022 Middle School Girls

emp middle school girls goofy 2 2022.jpg
emp middle school girls goofy 2022.jpg


2021 State Cup win.jpg
panthers 2021 3rd place nationals.jpg

Nationals: Gold Division #3

Michigan State Cup #1

State Cup 2021 Luke
State Cup 2021 Luke

2021 Fall EMP TEAMS

Varsity Men

Junior Varsity Men

Junior High Boys

Panther Cubs 


Panthers Varsity Fall 21.JPG
Panthers Junior Varsity Fall 21.JPG

Missing Sam Shaw and Johnny (Bean) 

Panthers '21 Junior High.jpeg

A little rain (or a lot) couldn't dampen their spirits.  First win!!

Panther cubs '21.jpeg
Panthers Womens 2021.JPG

Varsity Women

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