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STEP 1:  Eligibility Requirements

Read through and initial in the numbered boxes, indicating that you understand each of the eligibility restrictions.  Please read through ALL of the below line items before deciding if your player IS or IS NOT eligible.  

These line items come from the eligibility requirements for the men's and women's state (and for boys, national) tournaments.

EXCEPTIONS:  You must approve exceptions from the below restrictions with an EMP administrator. If your player has been approved as an exception, you may initial through the fields.  Please refer to the ELIGIBILITY page on the main menu for more information. If you aren't sure if your player is eligible, please email or call 586-224-0114 to clarify and confirm if we have a roster spot available for exceptions, if needed.


When finished reading and initialing, click on the "I have read and understand." statement and add your digital signature. 


After signing, click the SUBMIT button to continue to REGISTRATION/MEDICAL RELEASE.

  1. Players shall be homeschooled students, with the majority of their education managed by their parents/guardians. The typical verbiage used is "51%" at home, i.e.  a majority. 

  2. Players shall be taught at home by an older (18 or older) sibling or taught at home, or someone else’s home, by another homeschool parent or tutor, provided that it is done under the direction and supervision of the child’s parent or taught at a central location for particular subjects by a homeschool parent or tutor or correspondence or online high school course(s). ​Per National Committee:  allowable options include homeschool co-ops, state required private or umbrella schools, and dual credit college courses.

  3. This line item is particularly relevant for upperclassmen who are getting close to graduation and 5th year seniorsPlayers must maintain pursuit of their education and the majority of their educational effort must be directed toward home school instruction with a minimum of one subject area not including extracurricular athletic endeavors.

  4. Homeschooled does NOT mean college classes taken at a University or College or Community College or Vocational/Technical classes taken outside the home; or classes taken at a Private, Christian or Public School, unless these comprise in part or in full the "49%" [i.e. a minority] of other classes allowed to be non-homeschool classes (as inferred by the requirement that "51%" [i.e. a majority] of classes must follow the homeschool restrictions stated above)

  5. Other Criteria:

    • Players must be live-in dependents of one of their parents (or legal guardians). Player must NOT be employed full-time (40 hours per week).

    • Player must NOT have graduated from High School level education.

    • Player must NOT have been expelled from public or private school during the school year of the current sports season.

    • Player must NOT be enrolled in a public or private school that has a soccer team.

    • Varsity players:  Player shall be no younger than 13 years old and no older than 19 years old through the final day of the Varsity State Cup Tournament and/or Midwest Regional Tournament.

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