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1.  Read carefully through all five registration steps on this page.  Then click the button at bottom of page to continue to ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS (step 2).

 ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS:  Read through and initial in the specified locations on the ELIGIBILITY      REQUIREMENTS page indicating that you understand each of the eligibility restrictions. 
Click on the "I
have read and understand" statement and add your signature.  Click the Submit button to continue to REGISTRATION/MEDICAL RELEASE (step 3)

**Cubs players do not need to worry about the Eligibility form but should be aware of the requirements at the higher levels for future reference. Just initial through each statement to bypass the form.**

3.  REGISTRATION/MEDICAL RELEASE form:  Fill out the form, read the release statement, sign and date.  Click submit to be taken to the PAYMENT page (step 4).

4.  PAYMENT page:  At the top of the PAYMENT page is an option to register more children before paying.  If you do not have additional players to register, you can opt to pay either in part or in full.   A payment is NOT due right now. You can make payments in any amount and according to your timing, as long as fees are paid in full by October 10th. Information on applicable discounts can be found on the PAYMENT page. 

5.  Once you've completed the above steps, you have successfully registered your child! 
You will be contacted soon with a WELCOME! letter regarding the upcoming season.

Thank you for considering East Michigan Panthers for your soccer player's Fall '23 season!

If you have any questions regarding the registration process, please contact us at

Fall '23 Fees:
Cubs: $50/$40/$30 (Children after the 3rd are free)
Junior High Boys:   $250
JV Men:                   $300
Varsity Men:           $400
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